How To Get Out Of A Rut And Get Set For 2017.

2016 — Banner year or Bummer year? Not doing what you really want to be doing? Not getting the 'right' type of clients? Does your boss drive you up the wall?

Sometimes we get in a rut. Sometimes it's a cavern. Here are some tips to help you get out of that rut and set the stage for an unbelievable 2017:

It's never that bad.

We tend to over-dramatize our situation. We obsess, worry, and focus on the negative to the point where it's looks insurmountable. Granted, sometimes it's really that bad. Most of the time — it's tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Solution: Bad and Good are cyclical. If you're in a rut, it usually takes a few quick actions to turn the situation around. If you just lost your best client, you need to get off your butt and get out there and visit all of your current, past, and future clients. Don't sit and mope — make a decision and take action. If you have a bad boss — time to see if you can change the dynamic in some way — communicate more effectively, be more appreciative, anticipate their needs. If you can't do that — it's time to look for new digs. Check out this book.

Take small steps.

When things are bad, we want to get out of that rut ASAP. We want big things to happen, quickly. We want to buy that lottery ticket that delivers $250 million. Unfortunately, life rarely delivers a big enough boon to elevate you out of your chasm.

Solution: Take small steps, keep repeating every day, and be consistent, regular, and unwavering. Why? First off, small steps are easy — big steps are hard. Small steps are recoverable in case you take the wrong step, you can easily step back and change direction. Small steps build upon one another and deliver an inner momentum and confidence big steps will never deliver. Check out this book.

Be positive.

When things are dark and gloomy — we tend to be de-motivated, enervated, and depressed. We're Johnny Raincloud to all of our colleagues, friends, and clients. It shows — everyone notices and candidly, they don't want to be around you.

Solution: Find the internal mindset or external environment to get you in a positive, energetic frame of mind. Nothing good ever happens to a cranky person — turn that frown upside down (I had to say it), and start envisioning where you need to go and what you need to do. Meditate, relax, go for a walk, take a mental health day — do something to change the dynamic. Check out this book.

Take the stairs.

It doesn't happen overnight. To get in a rut, it usually takes a number of bad things to happen over an extended period of time. You might have lost that huge client, but in retrospect, you probably sealed your fate months ago by not communicating or making a serious mistake.

Solution: It's going to be hard — I'm not going to sugarcoat it. You need to work harder everyday to not only make up the yardage you've lost, but to overcome your fears and push yourself to do even better. But if you stay positive, take small steps, and realize that your situation is temporary, you'll find your hard journey upwards rewarding and invigorating. Check out this book.

If you try each of these suggestions, I promise you will not only get out of your rut, you will have an UNBELIEVABLE 2017.

Energize Your Life In One Simple Step.

No, I don't want you to chug a six-pack of Five Hour Energy drinks. When we hang around people who energize us, we feel like Superman (or Supergirl). We get more done, we are more assertive, confident . . . we are performing optimally. And it shows to our boss, clients, peers, and staff.

When we hang around people who enervate us, it feels as if our life-force is sucked right out of our soul. We don’t feel like working, we hate our jobs, we despise our clients, and we count the hours until it’s time to go home.

The solution is simple — spend a bit more time around/conversing with energetic people and spend a bit less time around/conversing with enervating people. I said ‘a bit less’ because our families usually contribute to the enervating list. “To play better tennis, you MUST play with better tennis players.”

ACTION STEP: I have all my clients take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line splitting it into two vertical sections. At the top, put ENERGIZE on one side and ENERVATE on the other.

List of all the people who energize you — they are: Assertive, Confident, Happy, Smiling, Pleasant, Engaged, Upwardly Mobile, Think Work Is Fun/Challenge, Positive, Helpful.

Then I want you to list of all the people who enervate you — they are: Pessimistic, Gossipy, Demeaning, Finds The Worst In People & Things, Complains, Blames, Attacks, Very Critical, Not Helpful.

YOUR GOAL: Spend a lot more time with the energizers and a lot less time with the enervators. You will walk away with a positive, enthusiastic, and energized mind & body ready to take on anything life can throw at you.

Set up a meeting with an ENERGIZER today!

P.S. If you liked this simple step, I have 9 more tips to help you be more successful at work — CLICK HERE

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A Client Made Me Feel Wonderful Today.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't draw on some of the expertise that Super-Coach Rich Gee has shared with me over the past two years. My natural inclination is to start the day with whatever is in front of me and let chaos reign. But there's this little Rich Gee voice inside my head saying, "Get organized, use your Action Plan Checklist - don't open up your email until 10 AM!" Damn him!

So instead of being scattered, I have a daily action plan that organizes my work and keep me on track. I set goals, get rid of the excuses, make things happen, and get much more accomplished than I ever expected.

If you are seriously willing to make successful changes in how you operate your business, your schedule, your goal-setting, and aspirations, then have that one conversation with Rich Gee.

It will change your life. The real question is: Are YOU ready for it?"

- Dawn Reshen-Doty, President at Benay Enterprises, Inc.

Looking For Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

"When it is dark enough, you can see stars." Received this in a fortune cookie Friday night at our favorite asian restaurant in downtown New Haven (date night with my beautiful wife, Silvia).

After a small amount of research, I found it's attributed to Charles Beard, one of the most influential American historians of the 20th century.

3 Ways To Deal With Conflict At Work.

Is there someone at work that brings out the anger in you? Even if you act kindly towards them, do they still cause consternation with you, your work, your meetings or your staff? Have you ever heard the term, “Kill them with kindness”? Most of the time, pleasantness and joy in the face of rudeness may seem tough to maintain, but the end results are usually worth it. In my opinion, kindness is becoming an increasingly rare commodity in our society.