4 Ways To Be More Positive In Your Life.

Here's a little bet — Pick any successful person you know. Think about their personality and demeanor. You'll probably find they are frequently positive in their outlook on life and work.

You might come to the conclusion: Because they are successful, they are naturally positive.

Actually, it's the exact opposite. Thinking and communicating positively actually delivers success.

Successful people regularly create positive and optimistic scenarios in their lives. It allows them to take those small, successful moments and turn them into opportunities to reach their goals.

How can you do it? It's easy:

  1. Use big positive and cheerful words to express yourself. When someone asks you about your business, say it's 'UNBELIEVABLE!'
  2. Use bright and cheerful words to describe other people. Say "I know John — he's a great guy who always delivers."
  3. Use positive language to encourage others. "I know you can do it because you've hit it out of the park every other time!"
  4. Use positive words and images about the things you do. "We had such an incredible time delivering that product. Even though it was close to the deadline, the entire team pulled together to make it happen!"

If you 'litter' your life with positive comments and thoughts, it opens up a world of opportunity to focus clearly on how you think about things. And it affect how you do them.

Do you disagree? Then do this for the next week:

  • Use small and condescending words to express yourself.
  • Use unflattering and hateful words to describe other people.
  • Use hostile language to discourage others.
  • Use negative words and images about the things you do.

Okay — I went a bit overboard. Just do this then:

  • Try not to use any flattering words to express yourself. Be humble.
  • Describe other people with uninspiring comments.
  • Encourage others by asking them to do things because they have to.
  • Never comment or mention the things you do.

See how far you get. 


P.S. Having a hard time thinking positively about your life and work? Let's talk. I've worked with many clients who have the same problem — and we developed a successful strategy to turn that around. If you’re not a client . . . pick up the phone and call me (203.500.2421) — I offer one (and only one) complimentary session each week.