Are You Good Enough For Shark Tank?

How the TV show "Shark Tank" teaches you how to act and perform when under pressure.

Why Is Everyone Acting Like A Child Today?

It's getting worse. I'm hearing it from both my business and corporate clients. There's a clear delineation between how people interact and how they run their business. Look — I coach CEO's, CMO's, SVP's, Executives, Attorneys, Doctors, Wall Street Financiers, Business Owners, etc. So I've seen it all.

How To Become Unfireable – Part Four: Use Your Peripherals Pal!

Start standing out from the crowd. Have your work seen by the right people at the right time. Use your PERIPHERALS and start seeing the hidden opportunities out there.

Be Smart. Know When It's Time To Quit.

I tell my clients without any sugar-coating: “It’s time for you to leave or make major changes.” But most people don’t want to hear that. They are all comfy with their routine and you know . . . in a few months everything will be fine again.

BRAG — Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing It.

Most people can’t sell themselves.The Best Salespeople, who obliterate their numbers every year selling products and services - have a hard time developing a personal talk-track. Accomplished Executives, who are comfortable pitching in boardrooms, convincing multi-nationals to sign on the dotted line — have a hard time in interviews for a new position.

Business Owners, day-in and day-out, have the best location, web-site, media, and business card — have a hard time coming up with a simple process to close the deal.