What Millennials Need To Know To Survive In Today's Marketplace.

There is no job for life anymore.  Years ago, you studied, you went to college, you were a good boy/girl, you got a job, you worked in that job, you received raises/promotions, you retired with a pension, and you died.

No more.

It's WAY different out there not only for millennials, but for all workers.

The World Economic Forum has a new report out listing some of the areas of the world, industry and techniques to help workers succeed in today's marketplace. Here are some highlights:

  • The job for life model is dead.
  • There is a need to retool yourself and you should not expect to stop.
  • We need a generation of workers who are hungry to learn and eager to keep pace with the times.
  • Organizations across industries will look for curious, flexible, data-driven minds.
  • Offer solid development opportunities which will instill the loyalty we’ve seen erode over the last few decades.
  • Millennials will work hard if you develop the skills they need to advance and improve their long-term career prospects.

Bottom line — individuals, companies and even nations will see their skillsets become outdated. Technological change is a top global challenge — it is going to require extraordinary effort to keep pace. You need to integrate continuous learning into your workday — millennial, gen-x, gen-y, or even a boomer.

Take a class, learn online, play with, read a book, listen to podcasts, audit lectures — DO SOMETHING.

I am encouraged by the attitude of younger workers who have set their sights on a regular and relentless pursuit of learning.

Check out the report here.

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