For Me, TV Is Dying.

This post isn't about business per se, but it does have long term ramifications for the marketplace in general, so bear with me. Last night, I realized I REALLY HATE commercials. Despise - Abhor - Loathe - Detest . . . You get my drift. I know, we all hate commercials — but they have become irrelevant to my viewing habits. They're just a nuisance.

My wife and I were watching 'Fear The Walking Dead' on AMC. We made the decision to record it on our DVR and then watch it with FF capability at 10 PM. At 10 PM, we started the recording and it seemed like there were 8-10 commercials during each break during the show (the show runs 43 minutes).

We really wanted to measure the span of the episode vs. the accumulated time of the commercials — we were almost sure they were the same. Here's the interesting part — we even hated commercials that we had to FF through. Why?

We've moved on. We have Netflix and Amazon on our TV (Roku), we watch them also on our iPads and MacBooks. Guess what? No commercials. In fact, my wife and I have been binge-watching The Good Wife (never saw it before) and are very comfortable flying through episodes with no breaks, commercials, or advertising. All for a small Amazon Prime payment each month.

We also use our DVR for almost all of our TV viewing habits. We record the shows and FLY through the commercials. So we don't even see them anymore — just fast moving pictures flashing on our screen — an annoyance for 5-10 seconds.

Here's the kicker — we're in our early 50's. I know that all generations after us, GenX, GenY, Millenials, etc., have even more fleeting TV viewing habits. In fact, most kids I know don't even watch TV anymore — they get all their entertainment from their iPhones, iPads, PC's, Twitch, YouTube and gaming consoles. Families rarely gather in front of the TV to watch shows together.

There's going to be a tipping point soon where advertisers quickly realize no one is watching their commercials. The rating systems are antiquated and really don't produce true viewer habits (read this and this and this). The viewing public is slowing moving away from conventional TV viewing and quickly abandoning any type of commercial exposure.

What will happen to TV and shows like The Good Wife, Arrow, and Fear The Walking Dead? I don't know — each episode probably runs the network millions of dollars to produce and the money needs to come from somewhere. Maybe the Netflix/Amazon model will take over (see what happened to Longmire). I love watching House of Cards and Daredevil — I wouldn't even mind paying more for Netflix/Amazon Prime if they substantially increased the amount of shows they release.

In the end, commercials are irrelevant to me. If things keep going the way they are, the only generation who will care about commercials are the people who care about the "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials. Again, I understand commercials 'pay' for my show — but I really DON'T CARE.

If you're a business who advertises on TV, and you haven't started already, you better start anticipating major changes soon. This will greatly affect all aspects of TV as we know it — so if you're a network, you probably see the writing on the wall.

"Come gather 'round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown And accept it that soon You'll be drenched to the bone. If your time to you Is worth savin' Then you better start swimmin' Or you'll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin'"

The Times They Are A-Changin'  — Bob Dylan

It's 2015! Why Are These Annoyances Still Around?

As you know, I am an avid follower of Reddit and I found this wonderful question posed on AskReddit — here are some of the better responses. Enjoy! Bathroom doors with the handle on the inside. I just washed my hands and now have to grab the same handle after that person didn't????

Why are they still delivering phonebooks to my house?

I always thought we would have separate highways for trucks by now. We have them in some places, but I feel like truckers would have a more enjoyable ride if they weren't dealing with jerks looping in and out of traffic or passing them on the right.

How it takes several days to transfer money between banks. Why does it take FIVE days to transfer money from one bank to another? It's 2015 — how can I deposit a check from my phone, but I can't send money from bank A to bank B instantly?

Commercials that are WAY louder than the show or movie that you're watching. Why can't they be the same volume???

Self check-outs telling me to place the item in the bag. THE ITEM IS ALREADY IN THE BAG.

Anything with batteries, like are we seriously still using batteries in 2015?

Elevators that don't allow you to hit the button again to cancel the call to that particular floor. I love this idea.

Video games that have any load time. I gave it a pass when it was the 90's and new CD technology just came into play.

Glasses. Lasik should cost $199 (for both eyes) and last forever. It's ridiculous that I still wander around on this planet with plastic hanging off my ears. (Contact lens people - don't go there - that's as stupid as glasses).

Businesses that don't take credit cards. I've seen girl scouts take credit cards. That food truck is your livelyhood and you can't invest 5 minutes to set up an account with Square?

The washing, drying, folding basics. Sure machines and soap have improved over the years, but I'm sick of doing laundry (especially for 4 people). I guess I can throw in doing the dishes too. Is there any way my clothes could be put into drawers?

Traffic! People have been driving for 100 years! Why haven't we figured this out yet! Also, riding in the breakdown lane, weaving, and tailgating WILL NOT get you there any faster.

I do find myself bemused at times that the umbrella is the best design we have come up with so far.

Brushing teeth. We've been doing that for hundreds of years — it's time for a pill or sealant to stop all dental horrors. Also — we're still DRILLING??? Pain management??? Pulling teeth with PLIERS???

Pennies. Why haven't these gone away? Nickels aren't far behind. (I've noticed many stores will negate the 1-3 cents that you owe them when giving change).

Any store or restaurant that doesn't have their hours, menu, and prices online. It's 2015 and you have a website — I don't want to drive all the way over there to find out you closed 20 minutes ago. And if we do visit your website, I don't want to use Flash or PDF to read your 'beautiful' menu. Show me what you serve and how much it costs.

I still don't get get how every shower caddy I've had manages to get rusted into oblivion.

Commuting. I have better hardware, and more productivity at home. Why are you making me put my pants on?