Why Do Insurance Companies Think We're Idiots?

First off, I come from a marketing & advertising background (don't shoot me). So I can be quite critical of many marketing, advertising, and sales pitches. Lately, insurance companies have gone WAY overboard with their advertising. Some examples:

Progressive - Messy hair?

Farmers - Lint balls?

Geico - Smartphones?

State Farm - Falcons?

Okay — they might be funny — they might be memorable — but they insult my intelligence. 

Why am I freaking out with insurance companies on a Tuesday after Labor Day? I spent the weekend catching up on some programs (American Pickers) and the they were out in full force advertising after Hurricane Irene (in addition to generator commercials).

I'm not going to go into each commercial and pick out why each one was stupid or insulting. I'm just going to show you what we should see more of on TV — a sponsor who produces commercials who makes us think and possibly turn advertising into an art form:

It's visually inspiring, has a strong message, a great soundtrack and it let's the viewer come to their own conclusions about the product. Priceless.

What do you think? Do you hate the new spate of insurance commercials?