How To Become ‘Unfireable’ – Part Two: Hustle.

I was listening to Zig Ziglar the other day in my Automobile University and his latest podcast touched a nerve: "In good times, there are people who do well and people who do badly. In bad times, there are people who do well and people who do badly. Step back and look at this . . . it's not the economy, it's YOU. The people who have the attitude and the drive do well."

I have another word for it: HUSTLE

HUSTLE is made up of these four qualities:

  1. Drive - Develop the mental and physical force to move mountains
  2. Enthusiasm - Develop an excitement for all you do
  3. Attitude - Stay positive and never let things get you down
  4. Focus - Stay clear on your goals and how to get to them
It's interesting our four qualities spell the word DEAF.
You need to be deaf to those who try to derail you from HUSTLING. Those who say:
  • "You can't do that."
  • "I hate this place (and you should too)."
  • "That's not the right way to do it."
  • "We don't do it that way here."
  • "You're wrong, I'm right."
If I received a dollar for every time I heard one of these phrases during my 20 years in corporate, I would be an even richer man today. These people are all over the place and it's usually their job to tear you down, hold you back, and stop you so they can take your place.
#1. Don't listen to the DERAILERS. Stay true and HUSTLE.
#2. When you get down, figure out what area of DEAF will energize you again.
#3. Keep HUSTLING. Develop behaviors to ensure you never stop.
How do you hustle on the job?
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