How To Become 'Unfireable' - Part One: Dominate A Room.

One of my clients emailed me about what happened to them at work yesterday: "Rich - Remember my boss Jim? We were attending his weekly status meeting and it was my turn to speak. I took your advice about presenting to my audience and then to elevate the discussion to the 'meta-conversation' - what we're REALLY talking about.


Instantly it cut through all the BS and caught my boss' attention. He asked me to stay behind after everyone had left. He was impressed how I transformed the basic 'blah-blah' of everyone's status updates and honed in on what we really need to do as a team.

End result: He offered me a new project to tackle (with a new team to hire with mucho budget dollars).

I can't thank you enough for helping me take charge at work."


#1. Understand the Meta-Conversation. What is the REAL conversation? What are people REALLY saying? We get so caught up in the status meeting fishing net - we attend, say our stuff, and try to get out ASAP.

#2. Listen closely. Try to understand what each person is really saying, feel if there are unseen connections or new observations. Hear how your boss is speaking.

#3. Collate and Sum Up. Assess all the connections and see if you can weave a new vision for where the issues, obstacles, numbers, projections, etc. are going. Observe the past/present and define the future.

#4. Deliver Swiftly. Take charge with facts. Instead of just sitting there checking your email, find the right moment and bring it all together. Your boss is always on the lookout for people of distinction — team members who are thinking out of the box and remind them of themselves.

I hope this story inspires you.

It CAN be done.

Stop bitching about work . . . and take inspired action.


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