600 Articles . . . How Am I Doing?

Just hit 600 posts on my blog. I NEVER thought I would be here - when I first re-launched my site back in 2009, I decided to include a blog to let viewers, prospects, and clients know what's inside of Rich Gee's crazy mind.

Be A Catalyst: Spread The Word.

Most clients and attendees to my talks ask me how to truly accelerate their career and business. All I say is: "Spread The Word." You see, we're all out there hoarding key information, knowledge and experience in our brains. We think if we do this, it will give us a leg up or a significant advantage over our peers and the marketplace.

You're wrong.

Grow Your Business and Have Fun With A Blog.

I'm late to the blogging game — I started on January 1, 2009. But over the past two years, I've seen my business explode and in the process, I've had more fun, engaged in more powerful discussions, and I'm thinking about business at a higher level. Why do you think this is happening?