Leap Over Your Obstacles.

Reading this month's Fast Company, I came upon a wonderful interview with Bozoma Saint John, Apple Music’s Head of Global Consumer Marketing. I remember Saint John from Apple's last WWDC presentation - she’s the one part of the show that stood out for me. The reporter asked many great questions, but then asked the perfunctory question:

"What can you tell me about what you have learned about race and gender in corporate America? Some women and minorities have described the feeling of having to be twice as good to get where they want to go."

The answer From Bozoma knocked my socks off: "I always find that question quite funny, because I don't have 'another' experience. The experience I have is this:

This body, this is it. I don't have anything else to compare it to.

Frankly, I think it is unfair to me, if I did it to myself, to say, 'I wonder how this experience has been different to mine?' It would undercut my own successes and my own passion and my own journey. I really don't do that. This experience is what I have.

Do I work hard? Hell, yeah. Am I passionate about what I do? Yes. Do I hope I have a future in this? Absolutely. Do I hope nobody gets in my way? They better not."

I love what she has to say — she works hard, she is passionate about what she does, she believes she has a solid future in the industry, and most of all, don't get in her way — she will run right over you.

That is the intensity that I bring out in all of my clients — don't fret, complain, or focus on your obstacles. LEAP RIGHT OVER THEM — Don't let the bastards hold you back.

Here's her presentation at Apple's last WWDC event - she was magnificent:


Are We Experiencing A Technology Tsunami?

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