RUN OUT and Get This Book Today.

I LOVE Michael Port. Okay, I've never met the guy, but I do love his book. When I run into a good business book (and there are a lot of stinkers out there), I promote it: The man is a genius. He not only develops and publishes the bible on "Book Yourself Solid", in it, he links to a workbook which is a very powerful way for one to really LEARN his techniques.

I am currently finishing up the book and I am frankly blown away with all the great ideas, tools, and practices he espouses.

First, he breaks up his book into three major sections (to allow my small adult brain to wrap itself around his philosophy):

  • Your Foundation - he builds you up to allow you to take on the tasks he instructs you to accomplish.
  • Building Trust and Credibility - the building blocks to allow you to get those key clients.
  • The Book Yourself Solid 7 Core Self-Promotion Strategies - The seven activities that make things HAPPEN.

Let me get quite specific — here are some of the topics he covers:

  • The Red Velvet Rope Policy - Only do business with clients that you really like (and need).
  • Why People Buy What You’re Selling - The philosophy behind their actions.
  • Develop a Personal Brand - Get specific on what you do.
  • How to Talk About What You Do - Be a billboard and spread it to the world.
  • Who Knows What You Know and Do They Like You? - Is your current biz model working?
  • The Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle Process - The basic process laid out.
  • The Power of Information Products - What works, what doesn't.
  • Super Simple Selling - How to sell.

He then covers in-depth:

  • Networking
  • Direct Outreach
  • Referrals
  • Web Strategy
  • Speaking and Demonstrating
  • Writing
  • Keep-In-Touch

Bottom line — this book has numerous practical and achievable approaches for those that have an aversion to being sold to or look unfavorably towards the sales and marketing profession due to sorted bad experiences to date.

Pick this up today at Amazon. Michael's web site can be found here.