Never, Never, Never Give Up.

This is a quote from the great Winston Churchill. It was given to me many years ago by my oldest brother BIll, when I started my business. It hangs in my office.

What does it mean to me?

  • Be consistent. If you have an idea, check it, and follow through on it.
  • Be persistent. If you've reached out to a prospect or colleague and they haven't returned your call, keep calling them.
  • Be provocative. Stand out from the crowd so you're noticed. It gets harder and harder every year since there are more of us to wade through.
  • Be magnanimous. Never give up on a relationship or friendship. Be the one who wears their heart on their sleeve and makes the first move.
  • Be intrusive. As I say to my clients, "Be a wood tick — burrow down to get that client, to sell that idea."
  • Be true to your philosophy. Just because someone else pooh-poohs your beliefs, doesn't mean your wrong. They probably are.
  • Be faithful. Stand behind your friends, colleagues and clients — if they need help or a good word, you should be there for them.
  • And finally . . .

Be thankful. You are a wonderful human being. Take pride in what you've accomplished. Look at your mistakes and failures as learning opportunities and grow from them. Focus on your strengths and see how far you can take them. Just a small push can work wonders.

"Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up."

If you have any other additions, let us know! I would love to hear how you feel about this quote.