How To Make Work Bearable & Fun.

You hate your job. You hate going to work. You hate your boss. You hate the people you work with. You hate your cubicle. Or it's not good or bad — just boring. You watch the clock and pray for 5 PM to roll around.

Welcome to the club. We all have days like this. Here's a little secret: The difference between 1-2 bad days a month and every day being a bad day lies right in your lap.

It's called PERSPECTIVE. Most of the time, we are a huge influence on how we interpret and absorb our environment. If we have a crazy weekend and then have to look forward to the workweek, I know, it sucks.

Here's one rule which works for me and for many of my clients: Add Pizazz to EVERYTHING you do.

What does it mean? From attending a status meeting to delivering a major project — figure out how you can do it better. Make it sing. Go the extra mile to make it stand out.

Now you're probably saying you've done your best. You probably have — but I know you can do a little bit better. Look at all of your areas of delivery and see if you can add a little pizazz to your offering.

It might be offering an additional piece of information during a meeting or re-doing a promo box on your web site. Do Something.

Why does this work? It keeps you at a higher state of consciousness, performance, and focus. You are no longer wandering through your work — you're looking for opportunities to always IMPROVE.

And here's the best part — it's infectious. Your superiors instantly see it — so you get the great projects, the promotions, the spotlight. Your team members feel it — they start performing at a higher level — making you look better. Your peers observe a sea-change in you and it makes them jealous (always a good thing).

Bottom line — adding pizazz to everything you do will not only change your perception about your environment — it will change your career — and your life.

Try it, you'll like it.

Have you ever taken a step and added pizazz to the things you do? What happened?

This has been another installment in my ongoing series, “Are You A Catalyst?” — today’s focus is adding Pizazz to everything you do.

Image provided by Nina Matthews Photography at Flickr.