Great Business Lessons From The Movies - The Godfather.

There's a lot to learn from the movies!  The Godfather is a classic 'business' movie. It's ALL about business. Even when it personal, it's business! So here goes:

Listen, Listen, Listen

There are many instances when the characters are shown to either listen intently and succeed (Michael Corleone) or talk and fail (Sonny Corleone). Don Corleone always listened carefully and almost never spoke, unless he had to.

Too many people in business tend to talk TOO much. In meetings, at lunch, during sales calls, etc. Listening (and asking questions) will always deliver better results and define stronger business relationships with clients and peers. Read this.

Watch Your Back

OMG - the list is endless. Luca Brazi, Sonny, and even the Don all forget to keep their eyes peeled for their competition.

Keep your peripherals moving all the time — keep tabs on who your competition is, where they're going and what they're doing. If you don't, you might two men coming after you while you're buying oranges from a street vendor. Read this.

Take Action — Seize The Moment

When Michael improvises at the hospital, when he comes up with the idea to take out Sollozzo and Maclarsky, or when his coup degras to eliminate all the heads of the families who plotted against his father — he took immediate, calculated, and planned action. And it worked.

Don't wait forever — strike while the iron is hot. Plan without emotion, but once you've come to a decision, take action swiftly and surely. Read this.

Play To Win

The Don and Michael are always 3-4 steps ahead of the other families (and the law). Their life depends on it — they need to ensure every step, every decision and every command is planned and well-thought out.

Who's your competition? Where are they strong? Where are they weak? Develop SWOT analyses on each one to position your business in the best possible light.

It's Not Personal, It's Business

This is the 'big line' from The Godfather — and it's SO true. Stop allowing your self-esteem to take a hit when most business decisions are exactly what they are — business decisions.

If you get passed up for a promotion, it probably isn’t personal — it just made more sense from a business perspective for your superior to do so. If your longtime client leaves and you didn’t do anything wrong, thank him for his long business and move on — it’s not personal, and it doesn’t make any sense to waste time in misery over it. Also, if you have to make the decision, you need to emotionally detach yourself from it to make sure it makes the best business sense. Read This.

What are your favorite lines from The Godfather and how have they impacted your career?


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