Great Business Lessons From The Movies – Zombieland.

In honor of one of my favorite holidays, Halloween, let's take a good look at a new, but classic horror/comedy . . . Zombieland! The main character, Columbus, has a solid set of rules he abides by to stay alive in a world full of zombies. So far — they work — so let's get them working for you!

Cardio & Limber Up (video)

Zombies are fast — you should be too.

Don't sit around all day at your desk or in meetings at work. Your head is attached to a body that requires movement. Get out - take a walk - go work out. You'll find you have more energy and more ideas.

Also, you have competition everywhere — you need to be as fast (if not faster) than they are.

The Double Tap (video)

Always shoot zombies twice.

On the job, check things twice. Make the follow up phone call, confirm appointments, double-check proposals going out to clients, review presentations, etc.

It reduces those fun surprises that bite us in the butt when we least expect it. We also come off looking more professional and prepared.

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Check The Back Seat (video)

You never know who (or what) might be sitting there.

Keep your eyes open and look around constantly on the job. Who's doing what, who's going where, what is growing, what is shutting down. There are opportunities all around you — just keep your peripherals moving.

Travel Light (video)

Carry the least amount of luggage.

Be prepared to move at a moment's notice — for an emergency business trip, a jaunt across town to calm down a client, or even another job.

Don't get tied down by material things at work — if you have to move quickly — get out of there ASAP. Too many briefcases, papers, electronic tools, etc. — get rid of them!

When In Doubt — Know Your Way Out (video)

If you are being chased by a zombie, know your exits.

What's your Plan 'B'? Always have a backup plan for people, projects, positions, and vocations. Odds are you're going to change at some point in the near future — be prepared.

Enjoy The Little Things (video)

Throughout the hell that is Zombieland, you have to appreciate the little things in life.

Your job might suck, your boss is a jerk, or your clients are disappearing daily. Be grateful you have your health, your family, and the ability to pick yourself up and try again. Most people forget this.

What are your favorite rule in Zombieland?


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