The Best Kept Business Secret To Success.

To be successful in business, you need to make CONNECTIONS.It's that simple.

Connections to meet someone new, to make a sale, to find a new position, or to learn about a recent, yet unknown development.

I find that some of my clients, some of my workshop attendees, and for some people I meet, they 'rebel' against this notion.

And in my opinion, to their detriment.

FACT: Every weekday, every lunch, every upscale (and even downscale) restaurant, key executives are connecting. Just look around. There's a reason why lunches are cheaper, smaller, and served faster — for business lunches!

On average, I meet or speak to 2-3 new people a day, have 2000+ names in my address book, and ensure that every lunch I have is either meeting with someone, speaking with someone, or just bumping into someone.

It's like Tom Peters' 20 x 12 = 240 model (see below), you have ample opportunity to connect with A LOT of people.

Why do certain people rebel? Why do they think that it isn't important?

I think these people either don't like to talk to other people, don't find it useful, think they're too busy, or don't prepare for the lunch. They're wrong.

So if you're waiting for that big, shiny limousine to pull up at your home or office and whisk you off to a better life with more money — keep dreaming.

If you want to win the showcase on The Price Is Right, you at least have to show up and be in the audience. Make it happen!