Right Clients

Get Over Your Fear Of Pricing.

Whether you're established in business or just getting started, you want your pricing to position you as a leader – not as a follower.

Let me explain — you don’t have to be the most expensive, but you can’t be the cheapest and you surely can’t be a bargain! 

Clients and decision makers really do respect and value what they pay more for and here's why — it all comes down to your CREDIBILITY & CONFIDENCE. 

You could be an amazing coach, consultant, organizer, therapist, chiropractor, coder, designer, nutritionist, etc.,  but if you’re under-charging, you won’t have the credibility and confidence you need to make more money in your business. 

Credibility & confidence is definitely attractive — both open doors of opportunity for you because they define what you do is valued by others. Credibility and confidence gets you invited to speak at amazing events, or invited to partner with people who can help you grow your business. Plus, you’re recognized and you have new client referrals effortlessly flowing in to you. A confession — I used to stay safe and secure (comfortable) by keeping my prices low. I would say, "I don't want to leave anyone out that might want be a client with Rich Gee!"

Even more insidious, I was so afraid of hearing “NO” from potential clients that I priced my services really low so that getting a client never made any difference to my finances. Guess what . . .

“YES” never arrived until I tried something completely different. I did something completely different than I ever did before.

Today, I get YES’s from the right people instead of NO’s from the wrong ones. Did you catch it? That's the secret.

When someone runs away from my pricing, they are the wrong people for my practice. They don't appreciate the impact my coaching will have on their business. All they are thinking of is how much I will cost them — not how I will help them make a lot more money for a lot less headache (a LOT more money). I am no longer afraid to stand up for the value my services provide!

People are happy to pay us if we can show them how we can help them fix the problem they have. Yes, not everyone will say ‘YES’ and that is how it should be. But, if you cure a pain or help someone get pleasure faster and better than they can do it themselves, then charge more. A lot more.

TIP: If you want to move from a fear-driven pricing practice to value-driven mission in life, contact me today.