Are You A Pilot Or Passenger In Your Career?

Today, we live in a time better than ever before.  Greater life expectancy, better health standards while we're alive, more variety of food and experiences. More opportunity than ever before.

You can try new vocations or start your own business for a lot less money and effort than it took even 20 years ago. If you fail, you can start again, reclaim your position and start moving up the ladder (with hard work).

In today's society, we unfortunately live with a sense of entitlement. If something does go wrong, it's someone else's fault and not our own fault. We are the victim.

That isn't the case. Stop being the victim. Start taking control of your life and career. Turn off the career cruise control and direct your life.

CHALLENGE #1: I want you to do one thing today that scares you. Pick up that phone and call that person for work. Check out that company you've always loved to work at. Get to work extra-early and get more done in one day than you've ever done before. Push yourself farther and scare yourself in the process. You'll thank me.

If you're doing it the same way other people are doing it, you're doing it wrong.

Be brave and do something completely different. Be creative and take a risk — reach out to people and try something new. Don't care about what other people think — that will just hold you back.

CHALLENGE #2: Take a moment and think of one simple, crazy change you can make to your career or business. Try a new business card, reach out to that senior VP who is doing the cool stuff in your company. Ask them to lunch. Try a new way of running that project — try to put it on an express train instead of meandering along like you usually do.

I hate the word inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work. Don't wait for that bolt of lightning to hit your brain.

The best ideas come from doing the work. Working the process. It comes out of actually doing the work.

CHALLENGE #3: Stop waiting for that 'inspirational' idea to jump out and land on a blank sheet of paper. Dig into work this week and see where you can streamline your process, delegate inconsequential tasks, or just discard outmoded systems. Work smarter, not harder. You will suddenly see new ways of doing things faster, better, stronger (like the Six-Million Dollar Man).

Be a PILOT this week. You'll thank me.