If You're Not Moving Up, You're Going Down.

FACT: Successful leaders require and access tools to help them be accountable and objective while stretching them to reach the next level of performance (Harvard Business Review). FACT: The marketplace is changing at a constantly accelerating rate. The challenge to learn the art and science of individual change is now paramount to every executive and business-owner's success (American Management Association).

FACT43% of CEOs and 71% of the senior executive team reported that they had worked with a coach. Over 48% of companies now use coaching to develop the leadership capabilities of high-potential performers. The typical coaching assignment runs from 7 to 12 months (Fast Company).

Okay — I'm promoting a little. But it's true. 

Every client I work with has seen a dramatic change in their career. They've made more money, moved up in the organization, amassed a larger client base . . .

And they're happier. Challenged. Having fun.

The ironic fact is most people are afraid of working with a coach. Why?

They're afraid of "opening up" about their true feelings and dreams.

I know it's hard — but it's just like jumping into a pool for the first time — the first few seconds the water is cold, but you acclimate very quickly. Every one of my coaching sessions start out slow initially, but by the end, the client has so much energy, they are bursting at the seams to execute.

They're afraid of spending a lot of time and money on another pipe-dream.

There are so many options out there — some are good and most are bad. I can't tell you how many business books just plain stink. Conferences and seminars which rehash the same tired and hackneyed syllogisms. Speakers who give a small iota of what they really know and suck you into a quagmire of fees, charges and upsells.

I totally understand your ambivalence. But coaching is an incremental process — small changes, small steps, and big gains happen all the time. You'll know within the first or second session if coaching is for you.

They're afraid of actually being successful and their entire life changes.

This is the big one. See my recent post on 'fear of success' — most people are afraid of actually reaching their goals and dreams because it will radically change their life. And this is scary.

The best part about coaching: The first session is FREE. Most coaches offer a complimentary session to introduce coaching. Coaching is a fit — it has to 'fit' for you AND the coach has to see a good 'fit' for their business.

Try it — you might like it.