How To Reward Your People.

Fact: We don't regularly acknowledge the people who make our 'career machine' run. Everyone who works so hard to make us look good to our clients and management.

So here's a old tool to help you remember. It's called R E W A R D S.

R = Results Only reward results to encourage behavior.

E = Explainable Able to explain to everyone else.

W = When it happens Reward someone as close to when it occurs, it's stronger, more powerful that way.

A = Available Available to everyone on your team. Don't play favorites.

R = Repeatable Other people on your team can do the same thing and the same result will occur.

D = Designed Specifically for the person, personalize it. It makes it special.

S = Share publicly Make an announcement, encourage new behaviors.

Try it this week — you will begin to see it slowly change your team's efforts.

What do you do to reward your staff?