Two Secrets From Leonardo da Vinci That Will Rock Your World.

 "I have been impressed with the urgency of doing.Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do."  — Leonardo da Vinci

That da Vinci character was a pretty smart guy. These words, uttered over five hundred years ago, are still true today.

We go to school for 16+ years and we think we know everything. "We Must Apply." or in other words, "Get busy applying what you know to your life and work."

We dream, wish, hope and pray for things to happen and nothing does. "We Must Do." or in other words, "Stop sitting around waiting for something to happen, you need to take action, NOW."

I see it happen to many of my clients. They talk a really good game about their situation. They know all the players and obstacles holding them back. They understand their inaction is actually hurting them. But they are still stuck in first gear and are afraid of taking the first step to begin the process.

Secret #1

We Must Apply — take what you know and develop a simple plan to take you forward. A lot of people think a plan should be hundreds of pages.

You only need one page. Take out a piece of paper and on one side start writing down all the things you need to do. Don't worry about priority or placement, just get them down on the paper. Use circles, lines, arrows, or boxes to fill in the whole page with many of the steps.

Don't over-think this part — try to get everything down within 20-30 minutes.

When you have exhausted your page with activities, turn the paper over and begin to take all of your ideas and prioritize them into sequential groups. Add timing to each activity or task and ensure any additional resource should be involved.

Now you have a plan.

Secret #2

We Must Do — when the time comes, take the first step, the second, and the third until you complete your plan.

Find out what is holding you back. Is the first step too big? Is it too hard? Do you not know how to start? Are you afraid? Are you lazy? Be honest with yourself and take the necessary steps to move forward slowly.

When we are in a dark room, we tend to move slowly, shuffling our feet forward, sometimes bumping into furniture. But we make it to the other side of the room and then we turn on the light.

Our success relies on applying our knowledge to a problem and taking action. Any less will keep you in the same state you're currently in.

There's no better day to start than RIGHT NOW.

What is your favorite obstacle that frequently holds you back?