What Motivates You? A Simple Checklist.

An individual can't do their job effectively without being aware of what motivates them. A supervisor/manager should be cognizant of the fact that good performance is dependent not only on the abilities of team members, but also on how well team members are motivated to perform their tasks.

Are you aware of what motivates you to perform to the best of your ability? 

The following list includes possible motivators. Which of these are applicable to you?

  1. Advancement within the company.
  2. Possibility for growth and learning.
  3. Responsibility.
  4. Job security.
  5. Self-Satisfaction by achievement.
  6. Recognition of achievement.
  7. Money — salary.
  8. Good working conditions.
  9. Interesting work.
  10. Feeling 'in' on things.
  11. Sense of belonging — acceptance.
  12. Desire to help others.

Once you've circled the important ones, prioritize your choices. Do you see a picture forming?

Hand this list to your team members — have them fill it out. Once you get an idea of what they find important, it's much easier for you to manage their expectations.

What's your #1 motivator at work?