How LinkedIn And Twitter Changed My Day.

The other day, a close friend and colleague of mine said she attended a killer workshop on social media.

She said the presenter gave her a boatload of new ideas and energy for her to expand her current business campaign using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. From her energy, I got the feeling the presenter not only hit a home run, but he also brought in the other three players (he really knows his stuff)!

So what did I do after we spoke? I immediately went to LinkedIn and tried to link with the presenter. Guess what happens?

I get this response: "Rich, Great to connect. So you know, based on a session you once did at the local library, you inspired me to start a company, build a website, promote myself on social media which resulted, among new business, in being asked to join an MBA program. I would enjoy the chance to let you know what you did if you would like to know. But thank you very much for all you did."

We then had a roundtable tweet-fest on Twitter to let everyone know what happened!

What did this teach me?

  1. You never know who's listening when you present.
  2. You never know how your words can impact another person.
  3. The world is getting smaller every day.
  4. I need to get out even more and present.
  5. Always reach out to people whenever you hear their name.
Who will YOU meet this week?