Go After Your Best Prospects First.

In business, many of us start out the year targeting hundreds of companies and usually by the last few months of the year, we're scrambling. When the prize is too large, we tend to get discouraged by it's size — too much complexity, too many moving parts, too gargantuan to handle all at once. It's because our vision is in IMAX and it really needs to be like a microscope.

Let's take a different approach — cut your list down to the Top 5 or 10 prospects, formally target them, and deliver the needed tools, support, and focus to make each of the 5-10 sales calls powerful and hopefully successful.

We're talking about the BEST prospects — ones who are highly suited for your products and services — ones you know if you just get in front of them, they will be very interested in your wares.

It's then much easier to measure your success — you can probably target your Top 5 in a single month. It allows you to expend maximum focus on your best possible prospects — the ones who may be the biggest or the best suited to your products.

By doing this, it also allows you to better understand the impediments in reaching your selected companies. Is it your message? Is it your pitch? Is the offering not specific? As you move forward, you will quickly uncover what is really holding you or your sales team back.

If successful, you can always look at the next five or ten targets.

Have you ever focused down to a select set of prospects and suddenly saw success? Let us know!