Everyone For Themselves OR The Sinking Boat Syndrome.

Years ago (I'm talking 1970's - 80's), there was a common bond that held groups together. Things like citizenship, affiliations, or just plain ethics. Today, all I see in the media, business, and life is a habitual replaying of a sinking ship - everyone for themselves - and screw the rest.

We as a nation have to come to grips with reality - our family has been spending too much for too long - and the credit card is due. We can't flip the balance to another card - we have to begin paying down our balance or face bankruptcy, foreclosure and ruin. This is prevalent at the national, state, and local levels. Folks - there are three choices (and only three choices) when it comes to this situation:

  • Increase money coming in (raise taxes).
  • Decrease money going out (reduce benefits).
  • Cut services (employees, depth & breadth of programs).

That's it. It's that simple. Unfortunately both political parties cannot bring themselves to make these hard changes. Why? Because they fear for their political lives AND hope that someone will come along with another credit card to help them bounce the balance.

From a business perspective, there are many managers out there that manage to save their own skin - and no one else's. They are risk-averse and toe the company line like a deer in the headlights. No innovation, no risk, no ideas - and they change direction as often as the wind blows to ensure that they maintain their bonuses and status quo. In business there are three states also:

  • Growing
  • Flat
  • Shrinking

But I maintain that there are two - you are either growing or shrinking - up or down - because flat is not an option for long if you want a healthy company. To grow is to take risks, compete, try new things, grow successful programs . . . think different. I only see this happening in a smattering of large companies and many startups (who will probably eat the lunch of the big fish very soon  . . . Google?).

And this affects our homes, neighbors, friendships too. We are too busy, too unfocused to help one another. It's time we begin to reach out and personally help one another - that's why we are on this earth. Think about it.

I heard that many people are leaving the U.S. because they feel that the government, our states, and our cities are dysfunctional.Why not stay and try to fix it? They are more interested in saving their bank accounts so they can buy another boat.

Bottom line - stop thinking like you're on a sinking ship - because if you do - EVERYONE GOES DOWN. Trust me.