Be Obnoxious & Visceral To Get Noticed.

That's right . . . obnoxious & visceral. What do I mean? I don't want you to be disgustingly objectionable or dealing with crude or elemental emotions.

I want you to stand out and be noticed. And frankly, politeness is not invited to the party. Politeness will only get you so far — but if you want to stand out, you must wedge your foot in the door and throw your shoulder to barge in.

Most executives and business owners don't want to do that. We've been taught to play fair, act with integrity, and treat everyone nicely. And that works to a certain extent — until you hit a wall and can't get through.

Maybe it's a problematic client. Or a close-minded boss. Or a peer who just won't listen. Or a vendor who keeps doing the same thing even though you remind them to do it differently.

Sometimes to cut to the chase and make a strong impression, you need to be obnoxious and visceral. What do I really mean?

Communication issues? You need to cut to the chase and explain exactly what is bothering you. Don't dance around the bush — tell them exactly what the issue is and then ask how they will solve it. Don't worry about their 'feelings', if they've been treating you badly, or bad-mouthing you — get real with them. Don't argue — get right to the point and in their face.

Hard to get an audience with a client or higher up? To get things done, you might have to be a bit more aggressive, more pushy, more 'in your face' than usual. First, get your act together and plan exactly what you're going to say — then get in there and say it. Forget about being polite — you need to be heard  — pick the right time and location and just DO IT.

The funny thing is — most people will not take it as an insult. In fact, they will probably see a little bit of them in you and really appreciate it.

On the other hand, if it doesn't go well — usually all is not lost. People will understand you are serious and hopefully make time for you at a later date. Almost no one will completely disown you for being brash.

Where do you need to be obnoxious and visceral today?


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