How To Deal With Frustration.

We all get frustrated. It's a natural feeling that appears when we lose control of something in our lives. It could be a project at work, a critical client, a windfall that suddenly disappears . . . anything. I've been frustrated all week. Due to a freak snowstorm in October, a large part of Connecticut is out of power. Trees fell from the weight of the snow on their leaves and downed power lines all over the state.

I live in Oxford, which is 99% down. No power. And it gets cold at night. And from what I'm hearing from the local utility, it's going to be like that for a week. So I'm frustrated. VERY frustrated.

It affects me . . . my family . . . my business. Even though I have a great wood stove and a generator, it's still hard to live normally at my home. No internet, no entertainment, keeping things cold, trying to cook, you get the idea. It sucks.

But frustration is a two-way street.

Go deeper into frustration and you get ANGRY. And that's not good. And it doesn't solve anything.

Understand and deal with the frustration and you are IN CONTROL. This is where you begin to solve your problems.

You might need to plan more efficiently. You might have to give up some creature comforts. You might have to set up alternative strategies. But let the frustration move you into CONTROL, not ANGER.

Take those steps that you need to take to get back into control. Buy that generator. Stock that wood stove. Keep your gasoline stockpile full. Do anything you need to do to make sure you move that needle into the control section of your life.

How can you apply this to your situation on the job? What can you do RIGHT NOW to get back into control?