Do You Believe In Your Product?

Why arent you selling more? Why arent you happy at your job?

Why arent you fulfilled? Challenged? Focused?

Why arent you moving up? Making more money?

You probably don't fully believe in your product. You say you do — but deep down — you really don't. Either you don't believe it works, or is too expensive, or you've seen a lot of dissatisfied customers.

This happens often — you might start out strong — but after awhile, you begin to doubt the efficacy of your product or service. Well, you have two choices:

  1. Start believing in your product again.
  2. Get another job.

It's that easy. You can't go on faking your interest in your product. It will start to show — first your peers will see it, then your boss, then, ultimately, your customers.

Unless you want to find a new job or vocation, begin the process to produce a new interest in your product — one where you fervently believe in it.

This happens all the time to coaches. Since coaching is somewhat subjective, there are times when I question its' efficacy. Usually after one or two unmotivated clients.

I then need to step back and clearly question — is it coaching? Is it me? Or is it the unmotivated client? I need to clear out all of my doubt — I then can get back to business.

Do you have a crisis of confidence sometimes?


P.S. Do you sometimes lose confidence in your profession? Let's talk. I've worked with many clients who have the same problem — and we developed a successful strategy to make things happen. If you’re not a client . . . pick up the phone and call me (203.500.2421) — I offer one (and only one) complimentary session each week.