Are You Prepared?

Right now, the east coast is bracing for Hurricane Irene to hit. It might be bad. It might be nothing. But it's smart to prepare.

Get everything outside, inside. Batten down the hatches. Extend the leaders from your gutters. Get your generator in order. Fill your bathtub. Radios? Batteries? Prepare a 'big-out-bag' with your important information and necessities — (Go to this site to learn more).

Take the media with a grain of salt — their job is to inform — but sometimes they do their job a little bit too well. It might turn into hype and provide undue stress to you and your family. Pick a trusted information source and stick with it.

Now I'm not the National Weather Service. I'm a coach. So how does this information track to your career or business?

  1. Mentally Prepare. This is not the time to lose your mind. If the economy is tough and people are losing their jobs/clients all around you — start to develop contingency plans. The better prepared you are mentally, the better you will react if something bad does happen.
  2. Don't Worry — Think — Take Action. Don't get stuck in analysis/paralysis. Once you have a clear direction or strategy in case something does happen, take the appropriate action(s) to ensure you are ready.
  3. Don't Get Stressed — Listen to trusted sources of information. Don't play into the myriad of cable channels pushing out the pablum of fear. Click into those outlets who deliver NEWS — and then you develop your OWN opinion.
  4. Prepare Your Bug-Out-Bag. Is your resume in order? When was the last time you updated your contact list of colleagues and friends? When did you last connect with your customers? Who are your favorite companies to work for? Who would be a perfect client for you? Start taking action now.
  5. Weather The Storm. Keep your cool while things are spinning all around you. Stay flexible and nimble and most of all — keep performing. Don't freeze and hunker down — it's critical you maintain and elevate your performance.

What else can you do to prepare for career/business bad times?