5 Powerful Lessons From My Vacation - Part Two.

I didn't expect to write this post. But my last post, 5 Powerful Lessons From My Vacation, garnered so many comments with suggestions of other powerful lessons . . . I just had to do a Part Two to share my readers comments with you! So without further ado . . . here are my second five lessons: 

6. Engage With New People

Tracy from my Executive Coaching group related: "One of the things I love to do is to engage with people I meet meaningfully, for example in cafes and businesses that I use. I have found the investment of time and interest in others has rewarded me hugely in feeling joyful. Don't lose the feeling and save some you, for you. Thanks for sharing such a great time."

Tracy is absolutely right - many times I had the opportunity to interact with many different people during my vacation. Since I am a slight extrovert, I tend to ask questions of people to get them talking. And I had many WONDERFUL conversations!

7. Connect With Nature

Diane from my Executive Coaching group: "I'd like to add one thing to your list, which I think you realized on the farm without saying it - connecting with nature. Nothing helps put things in perspective for you, or brings awareness to yourself, your surroundings and your connectedness with all things than being outdoors. For me, it's the north shores of Lake Superior that completely humbles me." :-)

I love how Diane simply states the obvious - take the time to notice nature - and the benefits are endless.

Also, my good friend BJ said: "Great Post Rich. Vacations are essential. Even my short trip to VT did wonders! Don't have to be an long or exotic to be mind adjusting."

8. Recapture Your Childhood

Gary from a Dale Carnegie group exclaimed: "Having just returned from a week in Mexico with my family where I turned off my phone and threw it in the hotel safe, I fully agree with your five epiphanies. I also learned that it's possible to zip-line upside down. What a rush!"

When was the last time you got permission to act like a kid? Not only is it fun — it energizes you and brings back all the playfulness of your younger years. In addition, it opens up your mind to all the possibilities (like a kid) and eliminates all of the obstacles we put in our way (like an adult).

9. Gain Self Confidence

Tom from my Entrepreneur team gave me a great quote: "Don’t put yourself on sale. This is my favorite mantra from financial guru Suze Orman. While Suze’s target audience is directed to women, the advice applies to everyone. When you skip vacations, you put yourself on sale. If you have 2-weeks of paid vacation and don’t use them, you’re essentially working for free. By committing to a vacation, you declare to yourself (and to others) that you are important and deserve dedicated time for yourself."

Tom - you are spot on target! So many people don't take the requisite time off and in the end, they suffer for it. If you don't declare that you are important, who will? When I let all of my clients know about my impending vacation, they were overjoyed to hear I will be taking time off and heartily wished me a great time. What a great send off to get!

10. Impact People You Meet

Steve's comment (from my Bulletproof Your Career club) threw me for a loop: "You get out of your social and professional circles. You are thrust into other spheres, worlds, and situations normally not encountered with your day t0 day meanderings. And when you bump into these people - they also bump into you and most of the time - are blown away with what YOU bring to the table."

When you're on vacation - you are bumping into a lot of people. People who you can affect — make their day better, get them up when their down, teach them something they may not know, or best of all — touch their soul.

I CAN'T SAY THIS ENOUGH: If you haven’t gone on vacation — GO. You can afford the time away from work.