4 Ways To Coach Your Team.

referee"Coaching isn't an addition to a leader's job, it's an integral part of it." - George S. Odiorne 1. Pay attention to the middle stars. Avoid the trap of focusing only on the "superstars" (those with exceptional performance) and the "fallen stars" (those with significant performance problems). Most people shine somewhere in the middle.

2. Schedule a short meeting with each of your direct reports once every two to three weeks. Discuss their work in progress, provide feedback on how they're doing, and ask how you and others can contribute to their success.

3. Go back to school. Read articles or books, watch videos, listen to audio books, or attend a workshop that deals specifically with coaching techniques. Then apply what you learn.

4. Build an 'Everyone's A Coach' Environment. Begin by identifying the characteristics and behaviors exhibited by good coaches. Then ask everyone for their commitment to practice those behaviors. Consider providing coaching skills training to help each person assume their new coaching role.