Want To Knock It Out Of The Park Every Day At Work? Expect Top Performance.

top-performance"Not failure, but low aim, is crime." - James Russell Lowell 1. Be conscious of the self fulfilling prophecy: When you expect something to happen (positive or negative), you unconsciously act in a manner which makes it more likely to  occur.

2. Involve your team in setting standards that are achievable, but also require them to stretch their knowledge and skills. Avoid settling for mediocre or sub-par work. Remember that regardless of what you say, it is the performance you''re willing to accept that becomes your true standard.

3. Think of each member of your work group as a high jumper. Celebrate the reaching of new heights - then 'raise the bar' together. But don't forget, as you're raising the bar, so is your competition.

4. Make sure you walk the talk - earn the right to hold others to high standards by meeting them yourself.