10 Killer Executive Interview Questions (to ask and answer).

interviewInterviews have morphed into very weird experiences for my clients. I've heard some of the most stupid questions, tests & assessments come out of highly respected organizations. My opinion? I think they're lazy.

Bottom line — you want a good candidate for that position? You'll have to work for it. Ask very specific questions and see HOW they answer.

Here are some of my favorite questions I would ask executives interviewing for a position under me (I found it in an old file from my days in corporate):

1. RESULTS - Tell me about the results you have achieved at your last two positions. How did you achieve them? What was the effect to the business?

2. KNOWLEDGE - Give me an example of how you understand my business (broad). Where do you think the growth areas are? Where do you think we can do better with customer experience? Give me an example.

3. RISK - When was the last time you took a risk? What did you learn from it? (Cause & Effect - learn from mistakes; learn from successes).

4. COMMITMENT - Show me how you are committed to your customers, associates, peers?

5. COMMUNICATION - Tell me about a time when you communicated effectively (up-down-across — effective, clear, convincing).

6. SPEAKING UP - Give me an example when you pushed back, made some noise, offered constructive dissent.

7. STYLE - From where do you manage (Desk, email, phone, floor, in-person)? When do you make your BEST decisions?

8. PEOPLE - What are you currently working on (personally)? What are your people working on? How do you grow them?

9. EXECUTION - What actions do you take to deliver on time? How do you connect yourself to priorities?

10. ROLE PLAY - Show me how you solve problems (I give them a typical scenario they would face in that position).

You can easily modify these questions for yourself - whether you are promoting internally or hiring externally. You can even develop powerful PARs (call me, I can explain - 203-500-2421) for YOUR interview and talk to these points. You will come off looking like a true professional.