You Will Own The Room! Or How To Present Effectively.

Last week, I presented to the International Coaching Federation's Career Coaching Group. The Career Coaching Group is a HUGE network of career coaches who span the globe helping executives, managers, and C-Levels make their way through today's corporate environment. I was asked by the leaders of the group to 'coach' all the coaches on how to present more effectively. I was honored to speak to the group and as a present to my readers, here is the recording of my workshop and the actual PDF presentation to follow along (see below).

A synopsis of the topic:

One of the best ways to grow your practice is to speak to large audiences and give them actionable knowledge. Once you do that - they have ‘test-driven’ the car, now they want to buy. In this presentation you will learn:
  • What people want from a presentation
  • How people learn and understand
  • Good tools and techniques with bad ones
  • How to deliver great presentations
  • How to grow your practice with workshops

Link to Recording (mp3)