What Are You REALLY Good At?

"When you're good at something, you'll tell everyone. When you're great at something, they'll tell you." - Walter Payton Every day we struggle to make everything we do come out perfectly. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.

When we succeed — we never congratulate ourselves — we don't acknowledge our success. We just move on as if nothing has happened.

But when we fail — or if we just miss the mark — watch out! We knock ourselves down a few pegs and admonish via our internal voice.

Now stop for a second.


What do you do REALLY well?

Think when you do something . . . who are the people who take notice and are amazed with your action or deliverable?

I am REALLY good at presenting. My presentations WOW people. My slides are original and unique — no one presents like I do. AND . . . I can pump this stuff out like breathing air. I developed a major sales presentation for a group of 100+ people in four hours — from memory. And I killed it when I gave the workshop.

I'm not bragging (okay - just a bit) — I'm just telling you what I'm really good at.

What are you good at? Figure it out and plan how you can do more of it.

That's my simple message for today.