Top 8 Critical Articles You Should Be Reading TODAY.

I've been blown away with the level and caliber of magazine articles lately. 

Instead of puff pieces, they are cutting right to the chase with powerful, informative and critical information executives, business owners and in-transition people need to succeed in today's marketplace. So here goes:

Inc. Magazine

The 25 Most Audacious Companies

Inc. 's first annual Most Audacious list features entrepreneurs who are original, ambitious, and totally uncowed by impossible odds.

Why Everyone Is an Entrepreneur Now

Job-hopping might ruffle a corporation's feathers, but employers need to accept it's a way of life.

Fast Company

The 100 Most Creative People In Business 2013

Data Geeks, World-Changers, Actors, Rappers, and all types of innovators prove the value of creativity at a crucial time in business.

The Future Of Technology Isn’t Mobile, It’s Contextual

It’s called situational awareness. The way we respond to the world around us is so seamless that it’s almost unconscious. Our senses pull in a multitude of information, contrast it to past experience and personality traits, and present us with a set of options for how to act or react.

Bloomberg Businessweek

In The Future, We'll All Be TaskRabbits

The temporary workforce in the U.S. is looking increasingly permanent. In April, 2.66 million people took on temp work, making up almost 2 percent of the country’s overall workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Boomers Plan to Delay Retirement. Then Life Intrudes

If you’re one of those aging boomers who’s counting on extra years of work to save your nest egg, keep in mind that relatively few people end up doing it.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur's 100 Brilliant Companies for 2013

We talk a lot about ideas: what inspires them, how to act on them. But it's really quite simple: The best ones come from just going about our lives -- encountering, then attempting to resolve, both major obstacles and quotidian annoyances.

10 Habits College Entrepreneurs Should Forget at Graduation

You've made it. The finish line. With that degree in hand, now you can finally start the business you've spent years planning, right? Not so fast. After years of cramming for exams and attending class in your pajamas, you may have picked up a few bad habits.

I've tried to mix it up a bit for all readers of my site — please pick up all of these issues — they are chock full of POWERFUL ARTICLES.