Tools That Help Me Perform At 100%.

I am frequently asked about many of the tools I use in my practice. Just a word of warning, this post is definitely not a 'static' list — these tools do change in capability, size and manufacturer. HEADS UP: If you see a tool I'm missing or one you think is better — let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page. Here we go:


Macbook Air:  This is MY BABY. I learned on a Macintosh back in the 80's and then spent 20 long years with PC's in corporate. When I started my practice, I immediately moved to Apple. Best decision I ever made. They rarely break or have problems and help is only a phone call or visit away. It's small (13") and thin — but perfect to carry when I travel. (link)

HannsG 27" Monitor: All of us are getting older every year — don't ever skimp on your vision. It's big and has great color — and it just works! Yes I could have bought the Apple Monitor, but it's an additional $800 — and I'm not a graphics person — I'm not picky. (link)

iPhone: I have this wherever I go — even in the shower. When I don't need my Air, my iPhone delivers EVERYTHING I need to stay connected to my office, assistant, and my clients. I just moved from the 3GS to the 5 and I can't be happier! It's the best of the best and at $199 — it's a steal. (link)

iPad: Is this overkill with my Air and iPhone? Not at all. I use it to give demonstrations to small groups or presentations one-on-one with my clients. It boots up instantly and is connected to all of my files. In addition, my family uses it all the time for reading, checking news, and playing games. Guess what Santa is going to bring down the chimney this year? (link)

Western Digital My Passport 1TB: I need this because I only have 128GB of space on my Air. I connect to it daily and have it encased in a CaseLogic case (link) — but it's vital to keep all of my current and old files ready to access. (link)

Western Digital 1 TB: This is my backup — using Time Machine and SuperDuper, I had it partitioned so I have two different images of the same hard drive on my Air. I also keep all my music on it too. (link)

Brother HL-2270DW Printer: This is my workhorse — my $99 B&W printer that pounds out anything I need printed (less and less every day) — but it's there, it works, and it delivers. On paper, labels, cards . . . anything. (link)

Plantronics Headsets: I have two headsets — one for my direct coaching line (link) and for Skype/Webinars (link). They are expensive ($250+) — but they WORK. And I never have any audio issues with them.

Bindertek Binders: American binders STINK. How many times does your 3-ring binder stick, get caught on paper, or just break? Bindertek is the European solution that has been around for decades. 2 rings are better than 3. Trust me — you'll love them. (link)

Thule SlingBack: For many years, I carried around a number of briefcases — all the way from a 007 hard Samsonite case to a Lands End canvas bag to a Ogio computer bag. I realized the bigger they are, the more crap I carry in them. So I culled myself down to a Thule and I've never looked back. And it allows me to have two hands free!  (link)


iCloud: This brings everything together — my iPhone, Air, iPad, and all of my files, music, movies, etc. I know — some of you diehards don't believe in it. But it's worked perfectly for me so far. It keeps all of my files synced (my calendar, contacts and email too!) perfectly — and it's easy to use too. (link)

MacMail: I know, I should use Gmail, but MacMail just works. It's clean and it does EXACTLY what I need it to do without all the bells and whistles. It allows me to archive past emails and access them instantly. I love it. (link)

iCal: This is my lifeline for my business — it allows me to color-code all of my appointments, attach tasks/activities, and save for eternity. (link)

iWork: Keynote, Pages, Numbers — my final Apple entry — but clearly a favorite of mine. I was brought up on Word (too big), Excel (too complex at times), and Powerpoint (my one true love). When Apple introduced iWork, I was intrigued that they had taken the very best of every tool and made them better (and in Keynote's situation — much, much better). I don't need to do mail merges or pivot tables — so I use Pages and Numbers. But for ALL of my presentations — I use Keynote. And the audiences respond and constantly ask, "What presentation software do you use?" Or even better, "Who professionally made your presentation?" (link)

Wordpress: This entire site is constructed within Wordpress — it has REVOLUTIONIZED the way I market and communicate on the web. I have total control of what goes where AND posting new blogs items are super simple. If your site isn't in Wordpress, you are missing out on something BIG. (link)

Dropbox: I worry A LOT. Especially about important files and the ability to access them instantly. Dropbox allows me to easily 'drop' important files, archive key blocks of info, and access them anywhere — on my mac, my iPhone, or iPad — or even at an outside PC. And it just works. (link)

Evernote:  Ever read something on the web and forget where it is? Or want to save a PDF for later reading or dissemination? Or a myriad of other things? Evernote is the answer. (link)

Pixelmator:  I have an eye for graphics but I'm not as talented as a graphic designer. But I do have a need to do slightly complex techniques on images or build logos for my products. And I don't want to spend $600-$800 on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. This is where Pixelmator comes in — it's a full function image tool which allows you to modify photos or text in many ways. It's intuitive and it just works. (link)