"There are two types of people in this world. The doers and the complainers."

In 1998, aged 16, Gurbaksh Chahal dropped out of high school to work full time at his first venture, ClickAgents. ClickAgents was an advertising network focused on performance-based advertising. In 2000, ValueClick bought ClickAgents in a $40 million. In 2004, Chahal formed BlueLithium. BlueLithium specialized in behavioral targeting of banner advertising. In 2007, Yahoo bought Blue Lithium for $300 million.

This is a quote from Gurbaksh. He gets right to the point. He makes it happen.

I have two questions for you:

1. What's holding you back? Is it someone or something in your life? Or it it YOU?

2. What would life be like if you eliminated that obstacle?

Most obstacles are self-imposed. We grow things out of proportion. We make things bigger than they really are.

Do you think Gurbaksh let inner (or outer) obstacles get in his way?

I don't think so.