The Hidden Secret Why Everyone Is Better Than You.

When you're a child, you develop an broad impression of great power in every adult you meet.

  • You think doctors know how to fix people.
  • Lawyers are so quick and know the law (and how to debate).
  • Teachers can recite facts until you're head explodes.
  • Scientists can produce rocket ships to the moon!

And then you grow up.

You encounter stupid doctors, bad lawyers, lazy teachers and careless scientists.

Somehow, dumb people are able to get through school, grab their degree, and steal that promotion.

Your next realization is how easy it is to overestimate people in general.

You think a job will be beyond your qualifications. You don't have the smarts, the knowledge, the experience. Everyone else is smarter than you. You feel like an idiot.

But in fact, you're smart . . . really smart. Just remember that. You have:

  • Everything you need - all the tools and techniques.
  • More experience than you think.
  • A deeper knowledge base in many areas they don't even know about.
  • A wider understanding of how to communicate and engage people.

And here's a deeper secret, you're probably better than them.

But they'll never let you know it.