The Secret For Presentation Success Every Time.

I've sat through them all. The status report - the droning - the hot meeting room - the dark, comfy chair presentations. Slide after slide after slide.  Shoot me now.

I've given thousands of keynotes, workshops, seminars and sales presentations. I know what works and what doesn't. I know what keeps my audience lively and what puts them to sleep.

In the end, there's ONE clearcut rule almost every presenter forgets when they deliver their presentation.

The shorter the better.

That's it. But it's a lot harder to do in real life. So here's how I do it:

Step 1. Map out your presentation. What do you want to talk about, what do you want to convey, what decisions/next steps do you want to leave with?

Step 2. Kill as many bullets as you can. Kill them all if you have to. Bullets communicate to your audience you're lazy. You end up giving them lists, not convey a cogent message. Stick to one thought or piece of information per slide.

Step 3. When you finish the initial run through of slides, try to edit them by 50%. I know it's hard. But if you attack your slides with the vigor of an attendee to your presentation, you'll appreciate brevity.

Let me give you an example — I just presented a 7-minute sales presentation to my 45-member sales team the other day. Not one hour, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes . . . 7 minutes. And they gave me 10 minutes to present! I encapsulated EXACTLY what I wanted to say, what areas I wanted to focus on in 2012, and what I wanted them to do for me.

And it worked perfectly. So next time you have to give a presentation — The shorter the better.


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