How To Never Make A Mistake At Work.

It could be a momentary lapse of interpersonal communication.It could be a critical number transposed in a key document. It could be a missed appointment due to a misunderstanding.

We all make mistakes. Some are small (and maybe no one notices) and some are huge (we call those fiascos!). But in the end, we all make mistakes.

Often. That's right . . . OFTEN. We go left instead of right. We mention something we shouldn't mention. We say something to a client that is taken the wrong way. You, I, and everyone else in the world makes mistakes.

Why? Because of three reasons:

  1. We are careless for a second. We let our guard down, we forget what we are doing, who we are talking to. We get caught off-guard and someone or something picks it up.
  2. We are not fully prepared or informed. This happens often in business. We think we know what we need to know and make a decision. Or, more frequently, management hasn't given us all the requisite information, we make a decision, and it's wrong based upon info that we were not privy to.
  3. We take educated and calculated risks. This is the BIG KAHUNA. We might not be playing it safe - we are out there on the burning edge of development or decision-making, we have to choose one way or the other - and we get singed.

I understand those who fail with #1. We're human. We can't be on guard all the time - you would need some heavy duty medication to do that.

And I also understand those who fail with #2. It isn't your fault - you were missing key information.

But I commend all who fail with #3. You need to take risks - that's the ONLY way you will take huge leaps in your career and business. It's the only way upper management will recognize you as a mover and shaker. You are no longer a cog in the machine, you are a LINCHPIN.

Oh yes . . . the title of this piece is how to never make a mistake at work. Here's the secret:

The first time you slip up, the first time you make a mistake . . . it's not really a mistake. It's a LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

You did it. And you'll never do it again. You've learned and now move on.

If you do it again - then it's a real mistake. And if you do THAT often, you better start looking for another job.

So make sure you NEVER make a mistake.


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