YOU Are The Real Problem At Work.

I was having a chat with my good friend Margo Meeker and we hit upon a reality that clearly crosses both our vocations (Therapist/Life Coach & Executive/Business Coach).

Most business problems in one way or another come from personal problems.

Let me begin by saying that this doesn't mean if your company's stock drops it is directly related to your fights with your spouse . . . . then again . . . . .

But there are many corollaries with many business issues/problems/obstacles and certain limitations that are personal. Here are some examples:

  • The majority of business issues usually begin with bad communication. Why? If there is an issue or blow-up, it's usually bad or anemic communication channels that impact people's feelings and self-esteem. Monitor your feelings.
  • Micro-managing bosses are extremely overbearing. Why? They focus more on your responsibilities and performance than their own deliverables. Why? They have trust issues that usually stem from past relationships. Build better 'trust' bridges with your boss.
  • Peers that undercut you during a critical presentation or meeting shunts you into damage control. Why? They see everyone as a threat and instead of dealing with it internally, they lash out. Talk to them and find out what's really bothering them.
  • Executives that lie, steal, and cheat. Why? They never built a strong moral code in their life and have consistently seen that their abberant behavior succeeds (in the short run) and pays handsome dividends in money and power (until they get caught). If you work for them, leave. If they work for you, fire them. If you work with them, rat them out (just kidding there folks).

Think of a situation or person that is causing you angst . . . odds are that they have one or more personal issues directing their behavior. The best way to ameliorate the issue? Try to figure out the personal problem impacting the business problem and nicely deliver solutions to (or at least try to understand) the real cause of the situation. You will be surprised how fast they disappear.


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