Is Your Career Going Up? Or Down?

This week was chock full of incredible conversations with clients, colleagues, partners and prospects! All had wonderful ideas and goals. Kudos! One of the topics that I discussed with many of them was my theory that our world is changing.

It's not a new idea - everyone knows that the world is changing. It changes everyday. You have two choices:


What will you choose? Let's look at each one:


  • It's easy. Someone else does all the work. You get to put your feet up and enjoy the ride.
  • Someone else makes all the decisions for you. Some might not be beneficial to you.
  • When you start to feel insecure about the direction you're taking, there is nothing you can do. Someone else is in control.
  • When things start to go south and you definitely do not like the position you're in, tough beans.
  • When the world around you starts to radically change - you can't do much - you're still on the ride.
  • When you see all of your friends and colleagues move to better situations - you realize you don't know how to stop the ride.
  • When processes, systems, whole ecosystems fail and fall around you - THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO.

This is happening right now in Publishing. Newspapers. Bookstores. Music Stores. Video Stores. Finance. IT. Travel. And many, many other fields . . .

Rollercoasters never really go anywhere. They go up and down, left and right, but at the end of the ride, you are right back where you started. Do you want your job to be like that? Your career? Your life? I don't think so. Let's look at an alternative:


  • It's scary. There is no map. You chart your course.
  • It has its peaks and valleys. You are energized when things are good and enervated when things are bad. But you can change the game.
  • If you see other systems, people, processes change, you can assess what's happening and make modifications to your journey.
  • You make all of your decisions. You probably get input to help you weigh each alternative, but in the end, it's up to you.
  • You want to go left? Go left. You want to go right? Go right. You are in control at all times.
  • You decide who you want to work with, who you don't want to work with, where you want to go, what you want to do - no one else. That may be energizing or scary.
  • You are your own safety net. You catch yourself when you fall (or fail). But you pick yourself up and start again. It's a learning experience. Not a failure.

So . . . who do you want to be today? Start making THE DECISION. Your job, career, and life depend on it.


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