The Monster Inside Of YOU.

"We stopped checking for monsters under the bed when we realized they were inside of us." What is your monster?

What keeps you from fulfilling your potential? What keeps you from success? What keeps you from true happiness in your life?

Guess what? It's usually not someone else. It's not an obstacle we can't deal with.

It's YOU.

One of the biggest monsters is Procrastination. We put the important things off. We do the mundane and the simple and forget to do the powerful and influential.

It's evident in the way we conduct our day.

Who should you really be talking to? Don't waste your time with sycophants, half-friends, and time-suckers. Connect and get in front of those people who can change your life, your career, and your current trajectory.

What should you really be doing? Stop checking your email. Stop text messaging funny memes. Stop surfing Reddit. How can you apply yourself right now to deliver instant and absolute success to your career? What is the first step? The second? What would happen if you completed it TODAY?

If you're scared — GOOD. If you're not scared, I haven't done my job. GET SCARED and GET GOING.