Stupid Things People Do At The Office – Eat At Their Desk.

Do you eat at your desk often? I know you do it. All the time. When 12 Noon rolls around, you think, "I can run down to the cafeteria, grab some lunch on a tray, and run it back up to my desk so I can catch up on email."

That's Stupid.

Candidly, you really need an extra 30-45 minutes to cover email? Email where 60-70% of it is unimportant? (read my previous post on email behaviors)

Here's an idea — go out to lunch. Meet someone outside of the company. Why?

  • It gets you out of the building. Anything that changes your location changes your perspective.
  • It gets you connecting with colleagues OUTSIDE of the company that you currently work for. You never know - you might meet someone that might offer you a better job. Or you might meet the perfect person to hire for that new project.
  • You meet new people. New ideas, new viewpoints, new humor, new stories.
  • You get to eat great food - the worst restaurant is usually better than the best cafeteria. Yum!
  • You get to see the sun. Vitamin D - here I come!
  • You breathe FRESH air. You get exercise outdoors. You might get a better parking spot when you return!

Bottom line — get out, connect with new people and you will see your career blossom. Stay indoors, cocoon in your cubicle, and you will see your career atrophy. Trust me.