It's Sunday — Get Philosophical — Get Reflective.

What's your Sunday going to be like this week? Running around shopping? Shuttling the kids to baseball, soccer, ballet, playdates? I'd like you to stop for a minute . . . Why do you think Sunday is called "the day of rest"?

Our lives are too busy today. Why? We tend to cram too much into our week AND we spend our leisure time on stupid pastimes like TV and surfing (the web).

How would you view your Sunday if you did this:

  • Spent the day hiking up a trail and reaching the top. Sitting down and taking in the view for one hour.
  • Sat out back on your deck and read a good book. Not a trashy novel, business book, or biography, but one that has deep philosophical meaning (and it doesn't need to be religious, but it certainly can).
  • Taking your family where past relatives are resting in peace or going through a box of old photographs and telling them stories about their lives from memory.
  • Attend a service - church, synagogue, meeting house, mosque . . . whatever. It will broaden your view of the world by experiencing different forms of philosophy.
  • Just sitting on a park bench, taking in this spring weather, and marveling at the beauty of nature.
  • Listening to music all-day long. Get out your old amp and turntable and play all those old albums.
  • Working in your yard - gardening - getting your hands dirty with soil.

My charge: For one day a week, forget about the 'to-do's' and take time to get philosophical. It makes your whole existence more important and more powerful. And it gets you thinking about your role in the world and how you can help others. (That's the secret my friend!)