Catch Rich on the GardenFork Podcast!

Eric Rochow is a very peculiar man. Peculiar in a way that he's just like me. He loves a lot of really cool things. Eric has one of the most listened to and watched podcasts on iTunes, called GardenFork TV. I ran into it one day while browsing the main list of famous podcasts. GardenFork is an eclectic mix of cooking, DIY gardening, and whatever cool stuff Eric thinks might be fun to share with people.

And his personality is perfect for the podcast medium. He's a great interviewer, knowledgable about a million different things, and a genuinely nice person. I listen to ALL of his podcasts on my commute to my office each day and on the weekends, my family and I watch his video podcasts.

I reached out to him a few weeks ago with a short letter* inviting him to breakfast since his weekly commute (to his weekend home in CT) takes him smack dab past my town of Oxford, CT. Next thing I know, Eric invites me on the air to coach him!

So without further adohere's my full interview with Eric. Enjoy!

*Did you catch that readers? A simple email invitation opens doors. Yes it happens in real life.