10 Gifts For YOU.

As my holiday gift to you, here are my most read & requested posts from 2011:(it's funny - most of them have steps, tips, or ways)

Set Your 2012 Goals In Two Steps It's December 2011. Many people are scrambling to get their end of the year targets complete. How do you guarantee a great 2012?

5 Tips On How To Treat New Employees Whew! After a phlanx of interviewees and resumes, late nights, early mornings and lost lunches, you've just hired that new team member. Now make sure your new hire is happy, engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated.

Four Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself This Season Most people use New Year's Eve (and Day) to plan forward for what might be in store for 2012. And that's a good thing. During the holidays, I try to look back at what happened over the past 12 months and ask myself a few simple questions.

Top 10 Powerful Pieces Of Advice To Be Successful As a coach, I run into many great pieces of advice from books, clients, workshops, seminars, and instructors. Here is a powerful cross-section of great advice I've used in business and life.

Top 5 Regrets of the Dying I've just finished one of the most powerful books I've read this year. It's by a wonderful woman named Bronnie Ware,and it focuses in on the actual voiced regrets of people she encountered when they were dying. Powerful stuff!

The One Secret To Look More Confident There are hundreds of books out there. Thousands of speakers. And they all talk about confidence. But it's really easy. Here's the secret.

5 Mistakes You Make With Business Cards They bring me business and success everyday. That's why they are ALWAYS in my left pocket. But most people either don't have them (shame on you) or if they do - have terrible designs. Here are some mistakes people make with business cards.

Top 5 Regrets of Struggling Businesses This post is for all business owners - In my 10+ years of coaching around the world, I've seen it happen to many successful businesses. Most people get it, but there are a few who take their eye off the prize and let their house of cards tumble to the ground.

3 Ideas To Bring A Bit More Sanity To Your Life I was sitting in church this Sunday and we had a simple prayer. One part really stood out for me.

How One Powerful Poem Can Change Your Life I love Rudyard Kipling's "If". It's a magnificent poem - it doesn't get too maudlin, but it does have its highs (it's been voted Britain's favorite poem).

Get set for an unbelievable new year. It's almost 2012! - Rich