700 Articles . . . How Am I Doing?

Just posted my 700th article online . . . WOW! I NEVER thought I would be here – when I first re-launched my Wordpress site back in late 2009, I decided to include articles to let viewers, prospects, and clients know what’s inside of Rich Gee’s crazy mind.

6½ years later, I have 700 small peeks into the wacky & wild world of Rich Gee. If you subtract weekends, you get approximately 260 working days each year (no holidays or my 6 weeks vacation time). So if you take 700 and apply to my time writing — I’ve delivered a new article every 2-3 days. (This doesn't include a year-long syndicated career column with Hearst Newspapers aptly titled: Ask Rich Gee!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. I sure have. I think it’s time to find out if I’ve been hitting the mark. How am I doing?

I WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK. Please leave a comment below or email me.

If you like the topics (or even if you don't). I want constructive criticism — please tell me what I can do to make my writing even BETTER. Also tell me your favorite articles — I will write more.

I’m just catching my breath and beginning to start another marathon. Anyone have any 5-hour energy?

Thank you! — Rich