You Can Be A CEO.

That's right. I'm not kidding. Today . . . this minute . . . this second . . . you can be a CEO. In fact, you always have been a CEO and always will be a CEO.

You never realized it.

You are the CEO of YOU, Inc.

And if you don't start regarding yourself that way, you'll never attain the success you deserve.

Here's the skinny — Even if you work in corporate or own your own business, you need to shift your thinking towards a more centric state of mind when it comes to work. If you are the CEO of YOU, Inc.:

  • How's your stock doing? Up, down, flat? What are you doing to get it to rise?
  • Who knows about your company? Do you frequently market YOU internally and externally to key movers and shakers?
  • What's your message? How is it being interpreted? Is there any misinformation out there?
  • Who are your competitors? How are you mitigating their threats? What are they saying about you?
  • Who are your customers? What are they saying about you?
  • Who are your partners? Are you educating them regularly on how they can help your company?
  • How is the marketplace for YOU, Inc.? Is there a high demand for your services? Is it waning? Is it dying?
  • How can you clone YOU? Delegate non-essential duties to subordinates?

The minute you make a mental shift from dutiful employee/entrepreneur to CEO status, you'll find you will focus on different areas left fallow for months/years beforehand.

And you'll start to see your new company do better and better and better. Try it. I promise you, you'll like it.

This has been another installment in my ongoing series, “Are You A Catalyst?” — today’s focus is how to “Be A CEO”.